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• 12/11/2017


Does anyone know who was King of Roldem during the time of Tear of the Gods?
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• 8/27/2017


Does anyone know why so many elves ignore the taboo about naming the dead when it comes to Murmundamas ?
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• 8/21/2017

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• 7/31/2015

* be careful as there are spoilers for Magicians End*

Does anyone else just re-read the last chapter in Magicians End and just get swallowed up in emotions?
I love how Phillip is collecting crabs on the rocks just after stormy weather, it's so similar to the beginning of Magician where Pug is caught in a storm and collecting food. And the beginning sentences are similar too! 'The storm had broken' and 'The storm has passed' If I remember correctly Thomas's father was a cook at Crydee and in a little twist Phillips father is also a cook within Crydee! I just love how Raymond E Feist put so many similarities in these two chapters, especially as they're the very first from the Riftwar Cycle and the very last! And then he decides to give Phillip the nickname of Pug and make all of us readers drown in emotions! I'm so happy the Magnus found Pug reincarnated (?), even if Phillip will never realise it.
Do you think that with Phillip an apprentice to Magnus he will begin to realise that he was once Pug in another life, or do you think Pug is finally gone, he's dead and has had his turn with Lims Kragma? Although, I would've thought that Pug would've gone to some sort of heaven rather than been given another chance at life. Doesn't Lims Kragma give a person another chance at life if they have done neither good or bad? As obviously Pug did a ton of good for the Universe so maybe should go to a heaven? 
I don't know if I make sense, but it's just some thoughts c:
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• 4/2/2015


Hey all!
I have been hard at work adding  lot of features on this wiki that weren't there before. Eg. live chat, commenting on articles, achievments, forums etc...
If you have any questions about the changes ask them here.
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